Everything you Need to know about the Moderate Fee Structure at OWIS

The cost of education in Singapore can be crippling, but it doesn’t have to be. The vast majority of parents want the best for their children, and that means providing them with a world-class education. On the surface, it may seem like a higher price tag may yield a better result. Schools and other institutions which charge these much higher price tags often justify their fee structure by saying their educational offerings are the best.

The reality, however, is that there are moderate-fee schools that offer an excellent educational experience that is, in many ways, better than the experience found at other more cost-prohibitive institutions. Often these schools are extremely passionate about their students and families, and have endeavoured to find the best way to keep their fees lower.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Education

Parents who are researching schools in Singapore will find that it’s difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison by just looking at tuition costs. Many elite institutions in the region cost upwards of S$80,000 per year for families with two children enrolled. This is a startling cost, one that may make many feel like a high-quality education is out of the question for their children.

Often parents will worry about these fees even more if extra curricular activities such as sport, music, arts and field trips are not included in the basic pricing. There is the concern that they will be sent bills for ‘extras’ during the year and this can make it impossible to budget, or often afford to send their children in the first place. It is however still possible to enrol your child in an excellent learning institution without going into debt. These are some of the factors that impact the cost of education in Singapore:

The Campus and its Amenities — Rather than simply looking at the dollar amount for tuition, families must consider what is being offered at the campus itself. The amenities on campus will have a significant impact on the student experience. Modern facilities, such as technologically-advanced classrooms and premier performance arts spaces, will enhance the overall educational experience. It is also important for families to get a feel of the campus; how it flows, how safe it feels and whether there is a buzz of enjoyment coming from the students and staff members. Extracurricular opportunities and facilities are a key part of the campus experience.

The Allocation of Tuition Fees — The exact price of the tuition does not matter as much as how much thought has been put into the pricing structure. A school can offer more moderate fees when it strategically allocates the tuition fees received and is clear on what is included within the school fees and what is optional to parents. Making the breakdown of fees simple is essential. It is important that parents have the opportunity to have an input on where their money is going and what experiences their child will have for that fee. It is vital that there are no ‘hidden costs’ that could loom up over the academic year.

At OWIS, we strive to provide our community with an equitable education. We are committed to bringing that vision to life, and it consistently ranks as a higher priority than our profit margin. We provide a moderate fee structure so that both local Singapore residents and international students have access to quality education. We believe that every family should have the opportunity to put their children through the best education possible without having to be in financial hardship.

How Moderate-Fee Schools Maintain an Excellent Learning Environment

When it comes to understanding how a school with lower fees than many others in the region can still offer an excellent educational experience, parents often have to look at the larger picture. An international school with only one location is going to have to charge a higher tuition rate in order to cover its costs and develop its curriculum.

An international school that is part of a larger group of schools, such as One World International School, can leverage its costs due to its parent organisation. This is because we are able to share costs within our organisation, and where needed streamline a number of administrative processes, consequently reducing costs. We are also able to purchase materials and resources collectively, again reducing costing whilst ensuring that our students receive the highest quality learning materials as well as the latest technology and facilities.  Our parent organisation is equally committed to the vision for equitable education for all.

A Values-Driven Equitable Education for all students 

Many families have found that One World International School offers a world-class education at a fee that is more moderate than many other international schools in Singapore. OWIS is part of the Global Schools Foundation group, which has earned a reputation of excellence in the international education community.

One World International School is a thoughtfully-priced school that offers students a valuable educational experience. We offer a transparent pricing structures and allow for parents to build the package that is right for their child. We are able to offer add-ons, such as extracurricular activities for those who want it, whilst mitigating these costs for those whose children may not partake in such activities. We also offer a range of payment options to suit each financial situation.

Prospective families who are interested in learning more about our fee structure and about what we offer at our modern campus are invited to schedule a campus tour. Alternatively our friendly administration staff are always on hand to explain our fee structure and answer any questions. Contact us today for more information.