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When considering an international school in Singapore, it’s understandable that parents and children alike will have many questions. Our admissions team at OWIS is committed to helping you and your children make the smoothest possible transition.

We understand that moving to a new community and school is challenging, but in the words of one of our parents, Mr Narcis S., [we] “wanted a school that would not make the children scared and stressed, so OWIS was the perfect school for us. We are happy that the children have settled in well”.

We think you’ll be interested to learn more about our team so that you can be confident in their abilities. Here’s a quick introduction to our Admissions team:

Sherry Albergaria – Senior Admissions Executive

Sherry originally comes from the United Kingdom and moved to Singapore with her family in 2008. After working for another international school in Singapore, she joined the admissions team at OWIS in 2017, as she and her family identify with OWIS’ core values. Sherry’s two daughters are students at OWIS as well, and she appreciates working in the kind and supportive working environment here.

Things she particularly admires and values include:

  • A great team atmosphere
  • The dynamic and diverse team
  • Respect for each member of the community

Sherry loves meeting families from all over the world at OWIS. Seeing children “smile and flourish throughout the year” lends additional motivation to her work as the Senior Admissions Executive.

Sherry worked with Narcis S and his daughters to identify their language skills and needs. Upon admission, Sherry helped the family to evaluate their daughters’ English proficiency. As a result, the family decided to enrol their younger daughter in OWIS’ English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, which helped her gain many additional English skills while pursuing academic achievements in other subjects.

Kristiina Dickinson – Admissions Executive

Kristiina Dickinson has a background in social work and greatly enjoys working with children and their families. She comes from Germany and is excited about working closely with families and children in the energetic and multiculturally diverse environment offered by OWIS.

Kristiina joined the OWIS team at the end of 2017, just before the opening of the Nanyang campus in 2018 and particularly values the following experiences working with parents and children:

  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Well-supported team
  • Ability to meet new challenges
  • Happy memories of working with students and parents

Kristiina’s favourite moments are hearing positive feedback from children who are learning and growing in OWIS’ welcoming environment. Kristiina says, “It is lovely to be part of their journey and see how families who are new to Singapore find the right fit for their children at OWIS.” She is both a staff member and parent at OWIS.

Her own children “feel a strong sense of belonging” at OWIS, which allows them to create a wonderful support network at school. To Kristiina, OWIS offers a “home away from home”.

Yvonne Khor – Admissions Executive

A native of Singapore, Yvonne Khor has been a part of OWIS’ admission team since the school had 200 students. She has been part of OWIS’ growth to its present enrollment of 1,400 students. Yvonne brings a background in sales to her work as an admissions executive at OWIS, and she gives OWIS one of the highest compliments possible: she looks forward to coming to work every day! Other things she especially admires and enjoys about OWIS include:

  • A good work-life balance
  • Many opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Meeting people from all walks of life

Yvonne especially enjoys participating in International Day. She feels like she is “beaming with pride” when seeing OWIS students from all over the world showcasing their national flags.

Jessamy Herrerra – Admissions Executive

The fourth member of the OWIS admissions team is also an OWIS parent. Jessamy Herrera is from the United States and relocated with her family to Singapore three years ago. She was thrilled to discover OWIS and particularly valued its culture of kindness and diversity. Jessamy points out the following qualities of OWIS, which she particularly admires:

  • Warm and friendly staff
  • Exceptional education
  • Seeing students grow throughout their time at OWIS

Jessamy can help parents who are considering OWIS because of her own positive experiences with her children, who have been enrolled in the school for three years. Her family is delighted with OWIS and the education they are receiving. Jessamy says, “It has been such a blessing to be involved in the school where my children are learning.”

She recalls one of the school tours that she gave to a recently relocated family in Singapore. Jessamy was very pleased that the family chose OWIS and that she was able to be involved in their decision to enrol children in the school. She particularly values being able to see students in the school grow and thrive.

The diverse backgrounds and talents of OWIS’ admissions team enable them to work with all prospective parents and students successfully. Some team members are parents of current OWIS students, and the entire team is well qualified to answer questions prospective parents have. They can support parents and children in many ways. Here are some additional services the team can offer to prospective parents who are considering OWIS and its benefits to their family and children:

  • Introducing families to teachers, staff and other OWIS families
  • Advising parents on accommodation and relocation to Singapore
  • Providing online and in-person school tours
  • Responding to phone calls and in-person inquiries
  • Helping with the admissions process, contracts, documents required and student pass applications

An Attentive, Caring International School Admissions Team

The admissions staff at OWIS is ready to help parents with all aspects of the admissions and enrollment process. They also stand ready to help during the first day of school and assist with introductions to the staff and the orientation programme for students and parents.

You can learn more about OWIS and how we help children transition smoothly into our school programmes by contacting our Admissions Team or scheduling a virtual tour.

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