Nurturing Young Learners Through Co-Curricular Activities at OWIS Nanyang

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At One World International School (OWIS), we believe in providing opportunities for our early childhood and primary school learners to thrive academically, socially, emotionally and physically. With this commitment in mind, we offer after-school co-curricular activities (CCAs) that enrich the educational experience and foster holistic development.

In this blog, we discuss the numerous benefits of CCAs and highlight the diverse range of activities available to children enrolled in our IB Primary Years Programme.

Benefits of CCAs

Parents sometimes worry that CCAs will distract from their child’s academic endeavours. However, research shows that participating in these activities can improve a child’s engagement in the classroom. There are other holistic benefits, too. These include:

Socioemotional Development

CCAs provide opportunities for children to interact with peers and develop important socioemotional skills. By playing team sports, for instance, they learn to communicate effectively, work collaboratively and resolve conflicts. Losing a sports game can be equally insightful, helping children build resilience in the face of failure.

Time Management and Discipline

Balancing CCAs with academics teaches children valuable executive functioning abilities such as time management and discipline. They must learn to prioritise tasks, manage schedules and fulfil responsibilities — all essential skills for becoming a well-rounded adult.

Physical Health

Participating in sports and outdoor activities can improve a child’s physiological health. Research indicates that children who engage in regular physical activity have superior bone health, weight status and cardiovascular functioning compared to those who do not. They are also less likely to develop chronic conditions.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

CCAs often involve challenges that stimulate cognitive development. In chess, for example, children must learn to think ahead and strategise. Robotics also encourages children to complete problem-solving tasks in a group setting.

Improved Independence

When children engage in self-directed extracurricular activities, they can choose what they want to pursue. This autonomy gives them a sense of control over their lives and fosters feelings of independence and self-reliance. In return, children develop a stronger sense of self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.

CCAs for Early Childhood and Primary School

At our international school in Jurong, we understand that learning extends beyond the classroom walls. That’s why we offer a plethora of after-school CCAs, in partnership with specialist providers, that are designed to cater to the diverse interests and talents of our students. Some of the CCAs available to early childhood and primary school learners include:

Performing Arts

Holistic development at OWIS Nanyang | Music CCA Lesson | International School in Singapore

Primary Band

Participating in musical ensembles teaches children how to play an instrument. It helps young learners develop fine motor skills and self-discipline.


At OWIS, children have the opportunity to learn a variety of different dance styles, from hip-hop to ballet. Dancing can be a fun way to engage in physical activity while learning about different cultures.

Drum Circle

Drumming is not just about keeping rhythm; it’s about self-expression and creativity. By learning to play the drums, students also improve their motor skills and auditory processing abilities. This activity is open to both primary and secondary students from Grades 4-8, creating a collaborative environment where older students mentor and support their younger peers.

Junior Voices

Joining a vocal ensemble provides children with the chance to express themselves through singing. Choir members also become more self-confident and sure of themselves each time they perform in front of an audience.

Creative Drama

In creative drama, our Early Childhood and Primary students explore storytelling, role-play, and creative expression. Through games and improvisation, children build confidence, empathy, and unleash their inner performers.

Angklung Ensemble

Available for students in Grades 4 to 8, the Angklung ensemble can be enjoyed as a means to develop musical fundamentals in a novel way with a traditional Indonesian instrument. It is suitable for pianists, drummers or complete beginners!

Science and Technology

OWIS Nanyang CCA Lesson | STEM Digital Education | International School in Singapore


Through fun, age-appropriate coding exercises, children strengthen their mathematical skills and develop computational thinking abilities. In return, children are better prepared for future Maths courses.

Engineering and Robotics

At OWIS, we provide young learners with opportunities to explore basic engineering concepts. For example, they may design their very own toys. Or, they may use LEGOs to build a robot. This creates a strong foundation for further pursuits in STEM.

3D Design and Printing

Guided by tech experts, our students get the chance to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. Innovation and imagination go hand-in-hand in this cutting-edge CCA.

STEAM education 

In this CCA, students learn to master Engineering, Art, Science, and Life Skills. Through gamified e-learning and hands-on activities, they explore design thinking, mindfulness, the galaxy, and cultivate 21st-century skills.

Digital Media

This CCA gives students the opportunity to dive into the world of extended reality, stop motion animations, and filmmaking. Blending gamified e-learning with engaging hands-on activities, students gain real technical and digital skills to make their own short film. 

Sports and Fitness

OWIS Nanyang CCA Lesson | Sports and fitness | Football class | Well-rounded education


In basketball, young children learn the value of teamwork, cooperation and communication as they work together to win a game. Passing, dribbling and shooting also build coordination and fine motor skills.


Through cheerleading, young children develop discipline and dedication as they master intricate routines and stunts. Children can also find a sense of belonging as they rally with peers to boost school spirit.


Football teaches young children resilience and determination as they face challenges on the field. Navigating intricate plays can improve critical-thinking skills, too.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

In gymnastics, young children develop strength, flexibility and coordination as they complete routines. Plus, performing in front of an audience can be a great way to boost self-confidence.


Through karate, young children learn self-discipline and respect. The sport also teaches valuable self-defence skills.


In parkour, young children navigate fun obstacles in a safe, supportive environment. This can encourage problem-solving skills while developing agility and endurance.


Our dynamic after-school multi-sports programme offers young learners the opportunity to participate in fun drills and games. Through these exciting activities, children develop coordination, sportsmanship, teamwork skills and a passion for staying active.

Other CCAs


Chess requires planning and foresight, teaching children to develop strategic thinking skills as they consider their moves and the potential responses of their opponents.


Teaching young children how to cook equips them with essential life skills such as meal planning, grocery shopping and kitchen safety. They also learn how to make healthy, informed food choices.

Flipbook Animation

In this CCA, young learners get to practise the art of storytelling through simple hand-drawn animation techniques. Guided by animation enthusiasts, children craft their tales, draw them frame-by-frame, and bring their stories to life.

Learn More About CCAs at OWIS Nanyang

School is about more than sitting at a desk. That’s why, at OWIS Nanyang, we offer a myriad of co-curricular activities. Fun and engaging, these activities are designed to help children enrolled in our early childhood and primary school programmes live happy, healthy and productive lives.

To learn more about CCAs at OWIS, schedule a campus tour today.

(CCA offerings are subject to change.)

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