Cultivating Student Well-Being at OWIS Digital Campus for a Positive Educational Journey

At One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus, we want children to love learning. That’s why we adopt a values-driven approach designed to nurture student well-being. This holistic methodology prioritises a rigorous academic programme informed by the IB PYP and English National Curriculum. However, it also holds space for other aspects of well-being, such as mental health, social support and more.

In this blog, we take a closer look at student well-being and how OWIS Digital Campus creates a safe, inclusive environment for students to thrive.

Why Does Student Well-Being Matter?

Traditionally, schools have hyper-focused on academic performance as an indicator of a student’s well-being. But at OWIS, we know that this approach is short-sighted.

Of course, we value academic performance. However, we also recognise that the domains of well-being are intricately intertwined. You cannot have academic well-being without physical well-being, or social well-being without cultural well-being.

Put plainly, a student’s success hinges on their happiness. When a student is happy at school, they feel safe to explore, blossom and reach their fullest potential. This carries into adulthood, too. According to Ed Diener’s publication, Happy People Live Longer: Subjective Well-Being Contributes to Health and Longevity, happy people:

  • Live longer
  • Succumb to fewer illnesses
  • Stay married longer
  • Commit fewer crimes
  • Produce more creative ideas
  • Work harder and better on the job
  • Make more money
  • Help others more

Ergo, we at OWIS see it as our social and moral duty to produce happy, well-rounded students.

How OWIS Nurtures Student Well-Being

We understand that students excel in safe, supportive environments. With this in mind, we adopt a holistic approach to education, incorporating learning that promotes mental, emotional, social, physical, academic and cultural well-being.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Our educators and staff check in regularly with students to identify and address any stressors that may be affecting their mental health. All students also participate in mindfulness activities to learn to become more resilient to stress.

Additionally, we adopt a kindness-led approach to help students grow beyond academics. From preschool to secondary school, students learn the importance of kindness and compassion and are encouraged to illustrate these values daily.

Social Well-Being

A student’s social competence is an indicator of future success in many areas of life, from developing interpersonal relationships as an adult to maintaining consistent employment. With this in mind, educators at OWIS offer many opportunities for students to build strong social networks.

Preschoolers, for example, are afforded free play with peers, allowing them to develop important social skills such as sharing and turn-taking. Meanwhile, form tutors integrate social-emotional learning into secondary education, helping students build confidence.

Physical Well-Being

At OWIS, we support students’ physiological health through our physical education programme. Tailored to the developmental abilities of each age group, this programme includes engaging lessons that teach students how to develop healthy habits, move their bodies and exhibit good sportsmanship.

Academic Well-Being

Our rigorous curricula are informed by the IB PYP and English National Curriculum. They are designed to provide students with the academic foundation they need to succeed, both in university and in their future careers.

Unlike some schools, which emphasise rote memorisation, OWIS prioritises the need for inquiry-led, skills- and values-based learning. This allows students to become critical thinkers capable of problem-solving, analysing complex issues and applying their skills to real-world situations.

Cultural Well-Being

As an institution, we exemplify a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. Our faculty and staff hail from diverse backgrounds, holding degrees from prestigious global institutions and possessing extensive travel experience. This rich international heritage naturally carries into the classroom environment, helping shape students into global citizens.

Additionally, we have structured our admissions policy to ensure a fair representation of nationalities within our student body. To achieve comprehensive diversity, OWIS has implemented a 30% student nationality cap, limiting the proportion of students from any single nationality.

Learn More About How OWIS Promotes Student Well-Being

Join our upcoming Open House to discover how our student-centric curricula and kindness-driven value system can help your child find life-long happiness and success.

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