Teaching in Singapore at OWIS: A great place to work at!

One World International School is a dynamic, diverse community of teachers, parents and students. Our supportive and multicultural environment provides ample opportunities for all our members to connect with each other.

We asked one of our secondary English teachers, Catherine Adler, on why she chose to teach at OWIS and here’s what she had to say:

Catherine Adler, Secondary teacher at OWIS

Q: Is it important to choose your place of work based on your personal values? Why did you choose to teach at OWIS?

A: When choosing a school, it’s essential for teachers to ensure that their values match those of the school and the wider school community. In fact, this is true for any professional who is looking for a place of employment.

What I especially like about OWIS is its focus on kindness. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than teaching students while instilling in them a sense of concern for others, not just within the school but in the larger world around them.

Q: What is the level of camaraderie among teachers?

A: Another reason I really enjoy teaching at OWIS is the camaraderie among my colleagues. Appreciation for others extends beyond the students. The management team works hard to make sure that teachers are supported and connected.

Q: How do the dynamics between students and teachers promote multiculturalism and connectedness?

A: The international school system lends itself well to bringing students of many nationalities together. Diversity at OWIS is authentic and varied, with students and staff representing more than 70 countries. This gives teachers the opportunity to learn about different cultures, right alongside our students. Special events such as International Day and Holiday Assemblies, as well as discussions with our students, enrich our understanding of heritage and culture. These occasions also help us to better connect with our students.

Q: What types of professional development opportunities can teachers expect when working at OWIS?

A: Teachers are encouraged to learn and grow through Internal Professional Development sessions, which are usually conducted by staff. Teachers also check in regularly with managers. This keeps us current on the most up-to-date teaching methods and best practices. The “practice what you preach” approach holds staff accountable to consistently give our best every day. Through reflection and feedback, we learn how we can improve.

Q. How do parents support teachers at OWIS?

A: Parents play a vital part in making the role of a teacher at OWIS more enjoyable. The OWIS Parent Committee, and other parents who aren’t committee members, are instrumental in bringing our school community together.

Both our academic and non-academic staff benefit regularly from parent involvement, such as the occasions when parents worked together with the staff and student body to organise the International Day Food Fair and the Christmas concert. They spent endless hours planning and decorating so we could enjoy these events.

Parents also organised a lovely breakfast for the staff on Teacher Appreciation Day. During my time teaching here, I’ve learned that OWIS is more than a school; it’s a community. Students, teachers and parents are all truly connected to each other, and that’s what makes OWIS such a great place to work.

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