Why a Future-Forward Campus is the Foundation of a First-Class Education

As parents, when you drop your children at school, you need to know that they are safe, secure, and in a happy learning environment. At OWIS Nanyang Campus, a source of pride for all of us, we have designed a space which promotes learning on every level and in a comfortable and secure manner. With that in mind, our campus is designed to future-proof your child’s education by enticing him or her to continue learning both in and out of the classroom. Our aim at the OWIS Nanyang Campus is to interweave the outdoor and indoor spaces together to produce a beautiful, calm learning environment.


Spread out over 32,000 square meters, the OWIS Nanyang Campus incorporates indoor and outdoor learning centres. There is a nature kindergarten for students aged 3 to 6, and there are specific design themes which mimic the natural setting beyond the walls of the school building. This helps to bring the feeling of the outdoors in and offers a serene and calming educational environment. We also have a beautiful Miniature Forest that is considered to be a ‘living library’ where children can explore the natural flora and fauna of the rainforest. As well as this, we have a natural playground defined by sandhills and grassy areas known as the Berms and Sandpit. Children are able to play here and let off steam while learning about the environment that surrounds them. The vast naturally-landscaped campus is echoed throughout the large and welcoming classrooms as well as the school building. We use colour schemes throughout the school that bring the outdoors in and our classroom spaces are open and spacious.

State-of-The-Art Upgrades

With immense and purposeful upgrades, OWIS has remodelled an existing school to serve the students of the Nanyang Campus. There are dedicated, “hands-on” learning spaces for studies in entrepreneurship and performing arts, as well as visual arts, technology and robotics. These spaces are constantly being updated with the latest technology and materials to ensure that our students have access to the best quality educational tools.

The new school accepts students in both Primary and Secondary grades. This enables the integration of students of different ages, while simultaneously supporting them at each stage of their education in a safe and supportive environment. There’s outdoor space for physical fitness and always an opportunity to appreciate the breath-taking views of mother nature right on our doorstep. Smaller class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios nurture the holistic learning approach to which our Nanyang Campus subscribes.

Accommodating the Student Body

Our school has the capacity to house up to 1,600 students from pre-school through 12th grade. We limit our classrooms to only 24 students. Our international community of children embraces diversity so that your child will grow to appreciate a variety of backgrounds, cultures and interests right from a very young age. We understand that children must feel secure in order to have the freedom to explore and learn. Our Nanyang Campus offers exactly that; it helps to develop our children into global, diverse citizens.

Technology is a major component of education today and we believe our school provides the technological tools necessary to promote a high-quality learning experience in this ever-changing world. Our technology resources are available to all of our students and staff members and we continue to upgrade and develop what we have available. Lessons are able to include interactive experiences and students are encouraged to develop their skills. While technology is and will remain a cornerstone of knowledge-building, an appreciation of the natural world is fostered on our campus as well. We integrate our beautiful outdoor spaces into our learning and often use these areas as a springboard for new topics of study. We teach our students to have a huge amount of respect for the natural world, so they develop into guardians of the planet.  With every opportunity to learn, your child will be provided with several points of view and a plethora of venues in which to absorb them.

The Bricks and Mortar of the Nanyang Campus

The OWIS Nanyang Campus has 4 levels of classrooms and administrative space. Our unique design concept is something that fosters a truly well-rounded education so that your child is equipped with a desire to learn and put that learning into tangible action. Our personalised approach begins when you enter our building on Level 1. The Waiting Area showcases both a world map to demonstrate unity and encourages the inquiry-based education in which we intrinsically believe.

Our Canteen is on Level 1 as well and provides a well-appointed place for our students to nourish their bodies as well as their minds. Students can comfortably assemble for meals at our communal tables. This is an area where we see students interact with their peers, discuss their days and take some time out from their studies. It has an amazing feeling of harmony and community. There are classrooms located on the same level, off a series of corridors, each of these are spacious and inviting. They are designed and decorated to encourage students to actively seek to be in the classroom and continue their education.

Level 2 classrooms and the multi-purpose hall are accessible from the lift. This makes it accessible for all of our students, staff and family members who may not be as mobile as their peers. Each level in the OWIS Nanyang Campus is easy to navigate with wide corridors leading to classrooms and speciality areas. Having wide-open spaces means that there is never the feeling of being confined and everyone in the building is able to move freely. Level 3 is also a reflection of the values embraced at the OWIS Nanyang Campus. Earth tones in the classrooms and corridors speak to the students’ need to stay rooted in their education as we supply the ground which can foster and nurture free-thought and acceptance as part of our culture. The canopy on Level 4 encourages growth in the safety of a shelter.

All of the classrooms are large, spacious and comfortable for teachers as well as students. There are varied spaces within the classrooms so students can utilise the different areas depending on the topic and type of learning that they are undertaking. Speciality areas and creative spaces provide a learning environment specific to the subject, and ideal for promoting and supporting the subject matter at hand.

At the OWIS Nanyang campus, we have created a welcoming and inclusive environment that is filled with unique and distinct spaces.

Each space, like each child, is unique yet coherent with our One World philosophy.

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