OWIS Suntec launches Chinese-English Bilingual and English as an Additional Language Programmes

  • Both programmes will model the successful methodology of the offerings at the Nanyang campus
  • OWIS Suntec l has also become an IB PYP Candidate School

12th November 2021 – Since its launch in August 2021, OWIS Suntec has quickly blossomed as a campus and community. Students and parents appreciate the warmth of the teachers, the kindness-based school philosophy and the thought that has gone into the campus design and the engaging curriculum. In terms of the offering itself, OWIS Suntec recently became an IB PYP Candidate School and is progressing in its accreditation journey. This showcases the school’s commitment to providing our learners with inquiry-based, student-focussed education that shapes their conceptual understanding and 21st century skills, such as agency and collaboration.

‍As an established school, we have always kept pace with the needs of expat families looking for future-ready international education. After conversations with several expat families who have expressed interest in our school, we are now launching two programmes that will give our learners the language skills they need to thrive in a global economy. These programmes are: Chinese-English Bilingual Programme and English as an Additional Language Programme. Commenting on the launch of the new programmes, Mark Renie, Head of School of OWIS Suntec, said, “These programmes have been launched based on feedback from parents about their desire to have strong Bilingual and EAL programmes at OWIS Suntec. It has become clear to us during our meetings with parents that to meet the needs of all of our learners, we must introduce programmes that will support students in accessing our curriculum effectively and offer them learning opportunities that will provide them with key skills that will support their future success.” Both these programmes are modelled on the same teaching methodology as at our established Nanyang campus. Learners who are enrolled in the EAL programme will greatly benefit from engaging, hands-on activities that deepen their understanding of the language. Mr Renie explains, “Our EAL programme will be delivered in a manner that ensures that our English Language Learners will develop a strong foundation in literacy and the confidence to  communicate and express their thoughts in English. This foundation will help our students access the curriculum in mainstream classes as soon as possible and will ensure that this programme serves as a temporary bridge rather than a permanent solution.”

‍Our Chinese-English Bilingual Programme is designed as a truly bilingual offering with teachers who are bilingual and an inquiry-led, interesting curriculum that is communicated equally in both languages.Mr Renie elaborates, “Our Bilingual Programme will be delivered in a manner that will ensure that our learners will be academically fluent in Mandarin and English. The programme will be grounded in an inquiry-based approach with an emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy foundations in both languages. It will be a hands-on and engaging programme that will provide learning opportunities that are collaborative, student centered and contextually relevant.”To find out more about these new offerings at OWIS Suntec, interested parents are invited to register for the Virtual Open House.

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