Book Day 2021

The first week of March brought with it Book Day on March 5. It was a particularly vibrant day at school with all forms of colourful costumes to be spotted. There were quite a few students dressed as the ever-popular Harry Potter characters, a few princesses inspired by Disney, some superheroes from comic books, and so many more. Our teachers put on their creative hats as well to spread some cheer. And our Head of School, dressed as Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations, along with the support staff donning dalmatian ears and spots, generated quite a bit of excitement as well! 

Book Day was preceded by a visit from Closetful of Books, who brought some exciting fiction and non-fiction reads for students to peruse and purchase. Some popular titles the students picked up: Dog-Man, Owl Diaries, Narwhal & Jelly, Kung Pow Chicken and many more!

Our thanks to Rachel Holmes, Catherine Adler, Rachelyn Gordon and the rest of the Book Day Teacher Committee for putting together this fun event for the school!