Celebrating our IB DP Batch of 2023: Adrina J.

In this new series, we celebrate the graduands who will be completing our IB Diploma Programme in 2023. As they prepare for the next stage of their lives, they shared the highlights of their experience here at One World International School Nanyang Campus.


Adrina J. 

In which grade level did you start at OWIS Nanyang? 

Grade 8 in 2018 

What has been the highlight of your student life at OWIS?

It’s hard to pick one highlight, but I would have to say the Food Drive that we conducted as a grade back in 2021 as part of our CAS Project.  

What do you think will be your fondest memory of the school?

My fondest memory would be the amazing life-long friends that I have met as well as the memories we as a grade have created since we share a close-knit bond. 

Do you have a favourite teacher at OWIS for whom you would like to share a few words of appreciation? 

I would like to thank Ms Roy our IB DP Coordinator, as she always pushed all of us to be the best versions of ourselves and never gave up on any of us. She has put in a lot of hard work for us in order for us to succeed, and the reason we are able to survive through IB DP Year 2 is all thanks to her. Therefore, I really appreciate everything she has done for us. 

As you enter the next phase of your life, what would you take forward from your time here at OWIS?

From OWIS, I was able to learn that failure on your first try doesn’t mean you can never succeed. For example, during the IGCSE mocks, my grades were not the best. However, with the motivation and support of the teachers, I was able to improve and was able to pass the IGCSEs with a distinction. 

What excites you about life after OWIS? 

I plan to pursue further education by attending university. This next step in my life excites me as I get to be independent and learn a lot more about the world and myself. 


Adrina, our heartiest congratulations on everything you have achieved so far and our best wishes for the future!

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