Celebrating our IB DP Batch of 2023: Madhav A.

In this new series, we celebrate the graduands who will be completing our IB Diploma Programme in 2023. As they prepare for the next stage of their lives, they shared the highlights of their experience here at One World International School Nanyang Campus.


Madhav A. 

In which year and grade level did you start at OWIS Nanyang? 

2019 in Grade 9

What has been the highlight of your student life at OWIS?

Doing the IB DP with my classmates. 

What do you think will be your fondest memory of the school?

Sitting in the study hall during breaks and talking with teachers and friends. 

Do you have a favourite teacher at OWIS for whom you would like to share a few words of appreciation? 

Ms Roy is the best DP coordinator. She helped me get through my courses and always pushed me to do my best, and that is why I was able to manage my academics in a proper manner. 

As you enter the next phase of your life, what would you take forward from your time here at OWIS?

I’ll take forward the importance of inclusiveness and how it benefits individuals and society as a whole. 

What excites you about life after OWIS? 

I am planning on pursuing banking and finance in university. And I’m really excited about going to a different country and experiencing all they have to offer.  

Madhav, our heartiest congratulations on everything you have achieved so far and our best wishes for the future!

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