Christmas Celebrations 2021

The winding down of term 2 called for the dialling up of the festive mood in our campuses. Our student community and staff enjoyed the chance to indulge in special themed activities to celebrate Christmas. 

In the last week of school before term break at OWIS Nanyang, the school was all decked up in Christmas decor. We had interesting dress-up days, such as Candy Cane Stripe Day and Turtle Dove Twinning Day for the teachers and Red Day for everyone at school. The Early Childhood grades staged their annual Christmas production virtually and the puppet show and performances impressed all the viewers. 

Small class parties were organised on the last day of school and everyone was invited to dress in their fancy party clothes. Students savoured individually-packed yummy goodies that their friends had brought in and a Secret Santa exchange of gifts took place in the spirit of the season.

At OWIS Suntec, a special and creative Christmas tree was assembled out of repurposed cans. Students in Grade 2/3 made gifts out of repurposed items for other classes and everyone exchanged Christmas cards as well. 

Most importantly, along with celebrating with each other, we also started charity drives to mark this season of giving. While OWIS Suntec’s charity drive was organised for ItsRainingRaincoats, OWIS Nanyang chose to donate to Club Rainbow, which was also a service project for Grades 9 and 11. Care packs of essential household items were piled up under our special OWISH trees, as a mark of goodwill from all the families in the school community. 

Our thanks to all our teachers and parents in the school community for their contributions to making the last week of the term a joyous one. 

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