Experiential learning opportunities galore for OWIS Suntec learners

Our learners at OWIS Suntec have been making the most of the different experiential learning opportunities that are so close to the school campus. At the end of May, our Grade 4/5 students had the privilege of attending an open rehearsal by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. They listened to a rehearsal of a modern piano concerto by Paul von Klenau, conducted by Hans Graf with Søren Rastogi as the soloist. It was a first-time experience for some of the children, and they were able to apply what they have been practising in music class – being a good audience member and critiquing a performance.

In another field trip, the students also walked around Haji Lane and admired and drew their own inferences from the resplendent graffiti murals.

In early June, our Grade 2/3 learners went on a field trip to the NEWater Visitor Centre. They displayed their knowledge by answering questions asked by the tour guide. The G2/3 students had a lot of fun with the interactive exhibits, steering a water raft in a simulation, learning about how much water a person in Singapore uses a day, and playing video games to save water. They also learned about the important 3-step processes that used water in Singapore goes through – micro-filtration, reverse osmosis and UV light disinfection.

In mid-June, our Grade 1 learners visited the ‘​​Change the Present, Save the Oceans’ exhibition at the Botanic Gardens, where they learned about contribution everyone can make to ocean resilience.

With the central location of the Suntec campus, there will be no dearth of experiential learning opportunities for our students, and we can’t wait to see where all they will visit in the next academic year.

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