Grade 1’s little scientists impress us with their unit share

In their unit share, our Grade 1 students at One World International School Nanyang Campus presented their learnings from their Unit of Inquiry on ‘How the World Works’. Over the course of this UoI, students had honed their thinking and research skills as they engaged in the process of investigation, observation, questioning, experimenting and concluding their result from the experiments conducted in class. They also developed their understanding of the properties of different types of matter and what makes them solid, liquid or gas.

With their parents as the audience, students were bursting their pride as they presented their projects and experiments with confidence and enthusiasm. From creative artworks to interesting science experiments such as ‘Walking water’ and ‘soluble or insoluble materials’, our first-graders showed off their skills and knowledge. Seeing such young minds engaged and passionate about learning is inspiring. Way to go, Grade 1!


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