Halloween Celebration 2021

Halloween is one of the many occasions in the school calendar that students at OWIS look forward to. At OWIS Nanyang, we celebrate the occasion through “Halloween Hair Day”. 

Students came to school in creative hairdos that were quite extraordinary. Some chose to paint their hair in vivid colours, some primped their hair to make it look zany, and yet others chose to sport spooky hair accessories, such as spiders and skeletons, in the true spirit of Halloween. 

Our younger learners enjoyed creating Halloween art and crafts in their classes, and with a little bit of deference to the “trick or treat” tradition of the festival, our wonderful OWIS Parent Committee (OPC) gifted each student a lollipop to enjoy at home.

Over at OWIS Suntec, students enjoyed the opportunity to come to school all dressed up in fancy dress costumes as witches, fairies, wizards, and superheroes. Each class had decorated their classroom door too. The students got to play a number of party games in their classes, and they visited the “haunted” room to listen to a spooky Halloween story. It was a day everyone enjoyed, thanks to the commendable effort of the Kindness Council who helped to organise the celebration. 

Along with the fun, the day offered the opportunity to raise money and awareness for the World Food Programme, a charity organisation selected by several Grade 5 students.

Our thanks also goes out to all the OWIS teachers and parents who made this occasion so enjoyable for the students!

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