IB PYP Exhibition 2021

The PYP exhibition is a significant milestone in the learning journey of a Grade 5 IB PYP student. It brings together the essential elements of the PYP – theme-based, transdisciplinary learning, inquiry-based understanding, creative and critical thinking, communication skills and more – and shares these with parents and the school community. As a culminating experience, students can reflect on a topic, analyse it from different perspectives and showcase the new skills they have learned in the IB PYP at OWIS.

This year, the students generated their Central Ideas under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How The World Works’. However, the PYP Exhibition had to become a virtual experience because of the announcement of home-based learning in the phase of heightened alert in Singapore in May 2021. Nevertheless, the students had already put in a fair share of the hard work in the classroom prior to the announcement, and as adaptable learners, they quickly adjusted to the change of format to an online exhibition with presentations on Zoom. 

Here are photographs capturing the exhibition preparation process as well as a video of snapshots from the Zoom presentations of some of our fifth-graders.

Our congratulations to all the Grade 5 learners for their engaging work and resilience, which truly brought out the intangible benefits of IB PYP. A round of applause for the Grade 5 teaching staff, led by Adrian Deller, for their innovative spirit as well as for enabling OWIS traditions to continue in a virtual and safe space.  

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