IBDP Graduation Gala 2024

The Graduation Gala for OWIS Nanyang’s IBDP Batch of 2024 was truly a night to remember. The joyous celebration was held at the YWCA, Fort Canning.

The evening was filled with moments of emotion and pride as our graduands received their certificates. Interspersed with games and celebratory activities, the event was a heartfelt tribute to the achievements and hard work of our students, marking a significant culmination of their educational journey at OWIS Nanyang.

Here are some excerpts from the inspiring and heartfelt speeches of the evening:

Daniella H., our valedictorian, said: “As we look to the future, I’d like to share a quote from Nelson Mandela – ‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.’ Over the past year, we have been faced with countless life-changing decisions, and it has been frightening at times. The uncertainty of what is to come is always bound to bring on nerves, but I want to challenge myself and all of us here tonight to find the excitement in the unknown. 

I have hope that each and every one of us will go on to lead happy, fulfilling lives, regardless of what you aspire to. I also have hope that we will pave the way to a future where students across the globe will be able to share the same joy we did tonight.”

Sanchia K., school president, said: “As we look back on our time in the IBDP, let’s not forget the valuable skills we’ve gained. We can now write a 4,000-word essay on just about anything, analyse literature in languages we didn’t even know we could speak, and calculate complex mathematical equations.

Our time in the IBDP has prepared us for the future in ways we might not fully appreciate just yet. We’ve learned to think critically, challenge assumptions, and understand different perspectives. These are skills that will serve us well in whatever path we choose to follow.”

Ms Sanhita Roy, IBDP Coordinator at OWIS Nanyang, said: “Remember, life is not just about acing exams and collecting diplomas (though those are nice too). It’s about embracing the journey, seizing opportunities, and occasionally making questionable decisions that you’ll laugh about later.

So, as you step out into the great wide world, remember to embrace the chaos, laugh in the face of adversity, and never forget the invaluable life lessons we’ve learned during our time here.”

Mr David Swanson, our Head of Secondary, shared these words: “At OWIS, it is our goal to create caring and responsible global citizens who have the skills needed to thrive anywhere they go in the world.  We want to create good people.  We want our students to be leaders of positive change in the world when they leave OWIS. I believe we have succeeded in meeting these goals with this year’s graduating class.”

Lastly, Mr James Sweeney, Head of School, reflected on how the next phase of our students’ lives is akin to  a new chapter in a book: “Yes, we are a few chapters into your story. But now, from today, you write the story. You decide what happens next.

As with all good stories, there will be twists and turns. There will be drama, adventure, romance, and comedy. There will be chapters filled with happiness and joy, but there will be chapters you will not want to write. There will be chapters that contain sadness and disappointments. However, the most important thing is you are writing the story. How you write these chapters is your decision.

We are here to support you in the next chapter you write and in any chapters in the future.”

Our thanks goes out to everyone involved in the organising of the wonderful event, particularly Ms Delia Homan, Ms Goldie Isselstein, Ms Roy and our Grade 11 students. 

Our heartiest congratulations goes out to the graduating cohort. Well done and enjoy a well-deserved break!