Making language lessons engaging in Secondary School at OWIS Nanyang

At OWIS Nanyang, we believe that language learning should be an exciting and immersive experience. Our creative approach in secondary school ensures that students not only learn new languages but also enjoy the process.

Recently, our Grade 8 French students had a blast creating “cocottes” (fortune tellers) to build their confidence and reinforce their learning. This playful activity helped them revise and practice French with their classmates in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The cocottes were filled with questions and vocabulary that the students used to quiz each other, making learning interactive and enjoyable.

Our Grade 11 IBDP Ab Initio French class recently stepped up as teachers, conducting a special French lesson for the OWIS community. They shared key grammatical concepts and led engaging games, allowing everyone to practice their French skills. It was inspiring to see our students take on the role of educators, confidently sharing their knowledge with others. 

For our Grade 9 Mandarin students, learning took on an adventurous twist with an exciting treasure hunt in Chinatown! Armed with lists, they navigated through a local supermarket, immersing themselves in the vibrant culture and language. This enriching experience blended learning with real-world application, as students interacted with native speakers and discovered cultural nuances.

At OWIS Nanyang, our international school campus in Jurong, we transform language learning into an exciting journey, fostering enthusiasm and proficiency in our students.