Maths Day 2022

Like every year, Maths Day was an annual celebration of the wonders of numbers and mathematical concepts. The entire school enjoyed a number of exciting Maths-related activities and games.

In Early Childhood, our youngest learners made bracelets with paper straws, explored patterns and practised counting with sea creature toys. The Primary grades actively participated in Maths-based games, such as shape hunt, multiplication mania, bug hunt graphs, drawing a monster to practise symmetry, pizza fractions, Monopoly and more. All the Primary grades got into competitive mode when they logged into Mathletics, an online Maths programme, and they tried to be the first to solve Maths problems in a live contest with other children around the world. 

In Secondary School, our older students developed a pragmatic understanding of the real-world relevance of Maths. They studied the Mathematics of Sustainability and the meaning of the numerical aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the UN. Much like the lower grades, the Secondary students enjoyed some kinesthetic learning by engaging in a digital hunt called the ‘Sustainability Games’. 

Our thanks goes out to Mrs. Karen Brooks, Mr. Stephen Powell and all other staff members of the Maths Committee for a stimulating and exciting day devoted to the subject. 

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