One World’s Got Talent Competition 2022

It’s thrilling to be seated in the audience of a wonderful show with talented young performers. And after a break of two years due to the pandemic, being able to host such an event again in school just adds to the excitement. 

Moving away from the virtual edition of the last two years, the grand finale of One World’s Got Talent Competition 2022 put our multi-faceted learners back on centre stage. And they amazed us not just with their talents – musical, artistic, creative and athletic – but also with the sheer confidence with which they performed in front of their friends, teachers and a panel of judges. 

All the performances drew tremendous applause, and admittedly, picking winners was a difficult decision for our judges. Our congratulations to the winners in both the Primary and Secondary categories! Here is a video of the winning performances:

Gold (Primary) – Suntec gymnastics girls – Orly, Eimi and Gisele (Grade 2 / 3), Paloma (Grade 4 / 5)

Gold (Secondary) – Ruika (Grade 7)

Silver (Primary) – Aditi (Grade 5)

Silver (Secondary) – Coby & Keane (Grade 9)

Bronze (Primary) – Peter (Grade 3)

Bronze (Secondary) – Abishai (Grade 6)

Our thanks to the Music Department for putting together this excellent event and kudos to all the participants! Well done to our Primary and Secondary music ensembles and the Secondary choir as well.

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