OWIS Secondary students awarded badges for Eco Club

One World International School Nanyang Campus is a part of WWF’s Eco-Schools Programme, which is one of the largest sustainable programmes in the world. The programme aims to engage students in action-based learning beyond the classroom. Several OWIS Nanyang Secondary students have been engaged in the programme through our Eco-Schools Society (also known as Eco Club). Over the course of the current academic year, students in the club have been a part of several workshops, which consisted of getting to know each other, electing leaders, learning about the Young Reporters for the Environment competition hosted by WWF Singapore, and conducting a personal audit about our school’s carbon footprint and how much we contribute to global warming in a day. 

Towards the end of January, badges were given to Eco Club members. The session started with a powerful speech from Nysa and Manya, who put together the final plan for our WWF Green Flag project. It was followed by a ceremony where Dr Tracy Ghomashchian distributed badges to every member of the Club. We are proud of all the members of the club. Every small step towards change makes a big difference. 

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