OWIS’ Student Council members share their plans

We recently appointed our Student Council members for the academic year 2022-23. These chosen representatives will act as our student leaders and they will be an avenue to communicate student ideas, interests and concerns to inspire positive changes in OWIS. 

In the Upper Secondary School Student Council, the following students have been appointed in key roles:

President: Amol E.

Diversity & Inclusion Representative: Shane S.

Treasurer: Yashodhan V.

Vice President: Keane C.

The members of this Student Council shared their plans for the school year, “OWIS can look forward to a variety of fun and charitable events. That includes more events during our assemblies, fundraising events, school wide events for festivals and other celebrations. As we move forward, the school can expect all the members of the council to be dedicated to providing them with an enjoyable year.  

The Student Council has already participated in some fun events such as hosting a Family Feud-inspired game during assembly. We have many exciting events/projects planned, such as the Spirit Week, but the most anticipated event is the Secondary-wide Formal Dance. It will include fun activities, delicious snacks, and music!”  

OWIS Lower Secondary Student Council

Wellness Representative: Penelope L.

Diversity & Inclusion Representative: Roshi A.

UNSDG Representative: Nysa K.

Secretary: Soh K.

The student representatives of the Lower Secondary Student Council said, “Students and staff can look forward to the Student Council being responsible, caring, kind and trustworthy. When the teachers have problems, I think they can rely on us. When students have some trouble, the Student Council will help. We will always be prepared to help and support.  We have done our first event, which was the Student Council Assembly. We hosted a game called Family Feud. We wanted students to have fun watching the assembly, and give them a chance to participate in events. We have thought of a few events. If students or teachers have some thoughts, we will love to hear it.” 

In Primary School, the focus of the group will be to support school events, represent the school as ambassadors, bring in student voice, and support overall student management. 

Here are the Primary Student Council members:


Grade 3: Adiv A., Kairi T., Harley A., Kayla T., Arjun A., Ashton P., Marianne P., Samridhi S., Akshaya K., Aleeza K., Liliana S., Alain I., Tiansheng W.,  Navya P.  

Grade 4: Niharika S., Sana K., Israel M., Keshav A., Ranbir S., Zijin X., Hadley C., Reyna R., Irene S., Advait K.,  Isla I., Jannah S., Kyosuke S., Divjot K., Maxime L., Jun L. 

Grade 5: Viraj R., Ruby A., Isabel I., Kanak P., Avantika S., Junseo L.,Anirudhan S., Shravya K., Riku T., Eshal F., Rudy H., Chahak T., Cedrick L., Bilal B.

We wish all the Student Council members success in their roles. We’re sure these student representatives are excited to make a difference in the school community. 

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