OWIS Suntec Early Childhood Students enjoy outings to the supermarket and the Frog Farm

Our Early Childhood learners at OWIS Suntec have been enjoying some fun outings where they can learn about the world around them. Our EC 1 & 2 students made a visit to the Jurong Frog Farm recently, where they observed and learned more about frogs, and even got to touch them. They loved having the opportunity to feed some of the frogs and the fishes. 

Then, our EC 3 students made use of the Giant Supermarket just downstairs from the Suntec campus and learned about how a supermarket works, how to weigh fruits and vegetables, and how to check out the items they bought. Learning outside the classroom is wonderfully engaging for young minds, and our students will broaden their knowledge through many more such activities in the time to come. 

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