#OWISPassion #OWISPride #OWISPromise – Our mantra for the year

After the quiet of the summer break, our campus was bustling once again with returning and new staff members for Induction Week. Through sessions with the Leadership Team and the different departments, all our educators understood the vision and mission of our international school and were aligned to the school processes and systems for pastoral care and teaching and learning for the coming academic year. 

In one of the induction sessions, Mr Renie, Head of School, highlighted the three words that would be the driving force for all our endeavours this year – #OWISPassion, #OWISPride and #OWISPromise. 

He explained that ‘#OWISPassion’ will be all about igniting the zeal for academic excellence and kindness and compassion. 

On ‘#OWISPride’, he said, “We want to nurture the feeling of pride – pride in this building, in this community, in what we do here every day. For too long, our community has been separated from each other, and not being able to form connections has affected the pride of our school. What I want now is for our students to go out and say, ‘I am proud to go to OWIS, because it is a kind, compassionate community that lifts up all of its students’.”

On ‘#OWISPromise’, he said that we must all work together to keep the promises we make to our stakeholders and parents, who drop off their children with us every day and hope that we will take care of them and educate them well. “We have a commitment to keep to them and that commitment stems from our guiding statements and values,” emphasised Mr Renie.

Those will be the words that will drive what we do at OWIS this year.

A warm welcome to everyone, and we hope all our teachers have a fulfilling school year.

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