Hari Raya Celebrations 2022

On 6th May, 2022, both the OWIS Nanyang and Suntec campuses celebrated Hari Raya. Students enjoyed dressing up in traditional clothes, participating in activities and learning about the celebration from our Muslim community.

Our younger learners in Early Childhood and Primary School enjoyed watching traditional dance videos in the Malay community, which helped them to gain an appreciation for different cultures in the world. They explored the art of weaving known as ‘ketupat’, Islamic geometric patterns and Eid-related word search.

Learners also ​​enjoyed creating “Moon and Star” decorations, inspired by the festival. This took a culinary twist at OWIS Suntec, where students created the moon and star shapes with apple slices and honey crackers.

Through a special initiative of our Teaching Assistants, Ms. Norah Rahmat and Ms. Putri Mansour, students who celebrate the festival shared their reflections of what Ramadan and Eid mean to them in a video that was watched by all the classes.

Our thanks goes out to all the staff in the Hari Raya Celebration Committee who helped to plan this wonderful celebration for everyone.

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