IB PYP Exhibition 2022

The IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) culminates with an exhibition in Grade 5 that showcases all the skills the students have accumulated through their learning journey – research, collaboration, creativity, communication, and more. OWIS Nanyang is accredited for the IB PYP and OWIS Suntec is a Candidate School for the programme. This exhibition holds value as a formative assessment of the learners’ Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, self-reflection and peer reflection, as laid out by the IB PYP.

With the easing of social distancing measures this year, the exhibition presented a wonderful opportunity to welcome parents back onto our campuses to be delighted by the children’s presentations and celebrate their hard work.  

The process for the IB PYP began at the start of Term 4 in April. Students were presented with a range of ideas, which drew inspiration from global issues and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They were grouped with their classmates based on the passion and interest they expressed in a particular topic. This also boosted their motivation to collaboratively think of actions that would make a positive difference. 

Throughout this learning journey, our teachers acted as facilitators and mentors, who helped students to stay on track and keep up the momentum of their work. Parents were also briefed on the importance of this undertaking, so they could provide support and help with any additional resources over and above that made available by the school. 

On the days of the exhibition, there was such positive energy and excitement in the air. The students impressed everyone with not just their research and communication skills, but also the positive actions they conceptualised to shift perspectives. 

Commenting on the exhibition at OWIS Nanyang, Mr Karel van der Linden, Senior Coordinator – Primary School and Early Childhood, said, “I think all the students showed their passion and learning really well. When visiting each of the stalls, it was clear that the students wanted to share their knowledge and raise awareness of the issue they chose to research.The parents were thrilled to be allowed to come in after a few years of not being able to. Also they were really happy to see all of the efforts of the students and enjoyed listening and asking questions on the day.”

Well done to all the Grade 5 students and our thanks to all the Grade 5 teachers and staff who mentored learners through this experience. 

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