IB Learner Profile Series – The Importance of Being Balanced as Students

As adults, we all aspire to have a healthy work/life balance. But balance isn’t only important for the health and well-being of adults. It’s vital for people of all ages, including children in their primary and secondary school years. After all, school begins early in the day and continues with at least six hours of academic effort. And children who show up hungry, overly tired, or filled with anxiety usually don’t perform as well as those who’ve eaten a nutritious breakfast and had eight hours of quality sleep.

There’s a lot involved in living a well-balanced life, including asking for help when needed. At One World International School in Singapore, we strive to help students better understand the importance of balance. And we strive to give them effective strategies for balancing the responsibilities of academic performance with extracurricular activities, self-care, and life away from school.

What’s Involved in Living a Balanced Life for Children?

For school-age children, it takes some juggling to keep multiple plates in the air, and it may feel as though there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to keep everything spinning smoothly, including:

  • Making time to eat healthy, sit-down meals
  • Getting enough sleep each night
  • Completing school responsibilities, such as homework or community involvement projects
  • Making time for friends and fun
  • Managing sports and other extracurricular activities
  • Taking care of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health

How Does The International Baccalaureate Organisation Define “Balanced”?

The IBO defines the term “balanced” as establishing well-being for oneself and others. It recognises the interconnectivity of students with their peers, families, communities, environments and cultures. And it emphasises the intellectual, physical and emotional areas of an individual’s life.

Being balanced is an integral part of the IB Learner Profile. This means it’s one of several traits the IBO strives to instil in students who study the IB curriculum. Being balanced enables a student to achieve high academic performance without sacrificing other important aspects of healthy living, such as spending time with friends and family, engaging in joyful activities and playing a constructive role in their community.

How One World International School Encourages Students to Lead a Balanced Life

At One World International School, the holistic development of students is a top concern. In fact, it’s one of the most important objectives we hope to achieve, next to student safety. Students who feel appreciated, listened to and cherished learn that they are valuable assets to a community. These are the students who develop high self-esteem and confident leadership skills. These students learn to be kind and sympathetic to others because this is the behaviour that was first modelled for them. These are the children who aren’t discouraged by setbacks and who learn to excel regardless of the odds against them.

At OWIS, we wish to instil this confidence in every student who passes through our halls, which is why we provide several opportunities for students to participate in real-world service projects and activities that showcase their creativity and critical-thinking skills. For example, leading a community-wide clothing drive or stocking a local food bank empowers young people and helps them realise just how much impact they can have in a global community.

And we also understand the importance of health — exercise, movement, and stress-management activities, such as mindfulness training, are parts of everyday life at OWIS. When students arrive at school anxious, worried, or concerned about things that are happening in their lives, our Pastoral Care Programme provides kind shoulders to lean on and experienced faculty who are always willing to listen. Additionally, our Personal, Social, and Physical Education Programme, or PSPE, gives students outlets to voice their fears and concerns while fostering habits that promote sound physical and emotional health.

Lastly, OWIS recognises the power of the arts as therapeutic. This is why our students, from our earliest learners to prospective graduates, enjoy plenty of opportunities to engage in music, visual arts, design and drama.

Learn More About the All-Around Education Provided by One World International School

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This blog was originally written in collaboration with Jasween Gill, former Admissions and Communications Director, OWIS Nanyang and Suntec.