The OWIS Multicultural School Environment Feels Like Home

Diversity and inclusion are important features of today’s multigenerational, multiracial, and heterogenous global economy. Diversity describes the full spectrum of demographic differences, such as gender, age, race, religion, physical ability, education, lifestyle, personality, opinions and socioeconomic status. Inclusion describes the feeling of belonging and occurs when individuals feel accepted, respected, valued and appreciated.

At OWIS, we prioritise both diversity and inclusion. We intentionally create a multicultural environment that helps children feel at home and prepares students for successful futures.

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

1. Academic Benefits

Learning in a multicultural environment prepares children to master academic lessons. Exposure to different ideas, thoughts and opinions teaches children how to think critically and solve problems. Children also become more curious, creative and collaborative as they interact with diverse peers.

2. Emotional Benefits

Interacting with a diverse and inclusive peer group helps children feel valued, respected and accepted. A multicultural environment also allows children to develop and exercise empathy and compassion for students of a different race, creed or religion. Children feel safe being themselves as they learn to trust their peers and respect others.

3. Social Benefits

Attending an open-minded, kind and tolerant school allows children to build trusted and enriched relationships. Children develop communication skills as they interact with peers and teachers from a variety of backgrounds. As part of a global community, children deepen their ability to trust, respect and promote the welfare of themselves and their peers.

4. Future Benefits

Becoming more internationally minded prepares children to serve as tomorrow’s leaders. They develop into team members and leaders who can appreciate, communicate and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Other invaluable skills learned in a multicultural school environment include eliminating assumptions,  viewing opinions from a variety of perspectives, merging multiple viewpoints and negotiating solutions. Each of these skills prepares children to become responsible citizens.

OWIS Feels Like Home

Children experience a sense of belonging at OWIS. We are intentional about creating a school that’s one with the world and fosters understanding, appreciation, tolerance and empathy.

1. Multicultural Environment

Surrounded by multicultural peers and teachers from across the globe, children experience a variety of cultures during day-to-day academic and social interactions. The broad cross-cultural environment exposes children to different languages, traditions, beliefs, mindsets, habits, etiquette and social expectations. Children learn to understand others, appreciate differences and discover similarities as they explore and embrace the rich diversity of cultures.

International Day celebrations at OWIS

2. International Curriculum

3. Global Staff

Our international faculty and staff from countries around the globe are world travellers who hold degrees from leading global institutions. Our staff’s diverse cultural perspectives and international heritages flow through all of their daily interactions and enrich our students’ experiences.

4. Cultural Celebrations

Various food, dance, religious and cultural festivals bring cultures and people of different backgrounds together in harmony. We celebrate your child’s cultural roots and expose students to other cultures. Through celebrations, we appreciate diversity and create an inclusive environment that’s valued, comforting and familiar.

Children who attend OWIS feel at home in our One World, One Community environment. We invite you to discover the benefits of our school and all the ways we help your children feel accepted, valued and appreciated as they prepare for life and future success. To know more about OWIS, contact our Admissions Counsellor today or book a school tour.

*Please note: All the images in this blog were taken in pre-Covid times.

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