Undeniable Benefits of the IB Diploma Programme

Offered in thousands of schools around the globe, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme has earned a reputation for excellence from educators, parents and students. However, new research proves that the reputation goes beyond perception — the facts prove that this programme provides students with a rigorous curriculum, encouraging the development of life skills which extend beyond life in the classroom. The IB Programme gives students the opportunity to be on a level playing field with other students globally. It offers a range of experiences and study topics which are not purely academic, therefore developing students into well-rounded individuals who have a thirst for knowledge.

Key Research Findings Regarding the IB Diploma Programme:

● The Diploma Programme encourages the development of success skills required at the university level. The top tier universities around the world are looking for students who know more than just facts and figures — they are searching for well-rounded young adults who can think critically about the major issues facing our world today. University applications from students with an IB DP show that they are adaptable, can study in a wide range of scenarios and can push themselves to be the best; all of which propel them to the forefront of these university applications.

The Diploma Programme graduates are:

● More likely to attend a top-level university. For example, 72% of diploma programme graduates in China attended the best universities around the globe, often selecting one of the top 500 institutions. More diploma programme graduates enrol in university programmes compared to those who are not in an IB programme, and subsequently, more diploma programme graduates remain enrolled at their chosen university.

● Succeed during their years at university. Due to the unique nature of the IB Diploma Programme, students are better prepared for success in a university environment. The IB DP teaches students core skills which will be required during university studies, such as critical thinking, self-learning, analysis and much more. It teaches students to take ownership of their work and to push themselves into areas which they may not be initially confident in. According to the research, university students in Turkey who completed the Diploma Programme during their primary years had a higher grade-point average than those who did not complete the Diploma Programme.

In addition to offering rigorous course materials and unique opportunities for personal development, the programme also introduces global issues which require students to think both critically and analytically to develop effective solutions. The IB Programme is offered at international schools around the world and is beneficial for students from expatriate families. Providing a swift transition into and out of the school, the IB diploma programme allows for consistency during a time of change, meaning that students who may have moved to the area mid-term-time or mid-curriculum are able to easily slot into the new school environment and continue their education seamlessly.

The IB DP opens numerous doors for all of our students who study the course.

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(This blog was originally written in collaboration with Ms Saumya Pandey, former Senior Coordinator – IB DP, OWIS Nanyang.)

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