OWIS Parent Partnership Series: What to Expect in the Cambridge IGCSE Programme

At One World International School, we are proud to offer the Cambridge IGCSE as one of our curriculum options in Secondary School. The Cambridge IGCSE is recognised worldwide as one of the top secondary curricula, as it provides students with the broad knowledge they need to succeed at the pre-university and university levels while also emphasising skill-based development.

At a recent seminar in our Parent Partnership Series, Mr Angelo Govender, Senior Coordinator – Teaching & Learning for Secondary School, OWIS Nanyang, guided Grade 8 parents through what they can expect the Cambridge IGCSE Programme in Grades 9 and 10. Here is an edited transcript of his presentation.  

What is the Cambridge IGCSE?

Known as the most popular international qualification in the world, the Cambridge IGCSE is the leading curriculum choice for secondary school students between the ages of 14 and 16. It is a comprehensive and flexible programme, and at our international secondary school in Singapore, students appreciate the fact that they can select the subjects that most appeal to them.

Advantages of Choosing the Cambridge IGCSE

  • The Cambridge IGCSE is a globally recognised programme, allowing our students to access many top-tier universities around the world.
  • Students benefit from a well-rounded education. The Cambridge IGCSE is broad in its scope, providing courses not only in Maths and Science but also in Art and Humanities.
  • Secondary students enrolled in the IGCSE are actively involved in their learning experience. Many of the courses within the IGCSE require students to hone their research skills, which uniquely prepares them for university-level studies. Every course is designed to instil knowledge in students while also allowing them to develop critical thinking and research skills.
  • This curriculum provides a solid foundation for academic success in the future. Many students who complete the Cambridge IGCSE are prepared to move forward with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme before they head to university.

In the IGCSE programme at One World International School Nanyang Campus, our learners study some mandatory subjects and can choose others based on their academic interests and goals. The broad range of the subjects offered provides our students with an opportunity to explore their interests, discover their passions and begin working towards a career path. It provides the perfect starting point for higher studies and allows students to easily transition into Grade 11. 


Understanding the Cambridge IGCSE Assessments

Assessments within the IGCSE consist of several methods, including:

  • Written exams that allow students to showcase their understanding of a given topic.
  • Coursework that provides students with a chance to evidence their learning.
  • Practical assessments that offer analytical insight into their achievements in a particular subject.

All assessments within the IGCSE are graded on a numerical scale, ranging from A* to G. 

Supporting the transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9

While most students easily transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9 IGCSE, for some students, the IGCSE years can be a period of change. They have to take up specialised optional subjects where they might have to mingle with other students besides their own friends. The IGCSE exams can also be a point of stress. However, with the strong Pastoral Care Programme we have in place at One World International School, parents can be assured that their children are supported throughout to achieve their goals. 

For Grade 8 students, there is a transition programme that usually includes an orientation session and an event when parents and students can learn more about subject selection in the IGCSEs. 

Further, the pastoral structure remains the same all through Secondary School. Tutor time in Grade 8 is tailored to start inculcating study time and life skills such as mindfulness, which will serve students well throughout their higher studies. The form tutor continues to be the first point of contact for students if they face any challenges, followed by the Senior Coordinator for Pastoral Care. 

Preparing for Cambridge IGCSE Exams

At OWIS, we have become one of the leading international secondary schools in Singapore by nurturing and preparing our students. We strive to provide our students with the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom, and we regularly offer advice on how to best prepare for exams.

We recommend that students who are preparing for the Cambridge IGCSE exams study consistently, practise past years’ papers, and work closely with their teachers along the way. Our teachers are valuable resources for all of our students, and they can easily provide personalised feedback to help students better prepare for their upcoming exams.

We believe that the Cambridge IGCSE provides students with a blend of structure and versatility. Students at our international secondary school in Singapore are able to select the subjects within the IGCSE that will prepare them for their higher studies and future careers.

For more information about the Cambridge IGCSE at OWIS, contact us today.

(This blog includes inputs from Ms Catherine Adler, Senior Coordinator for Pastoral Care – Secondary School, OWIS Nanyang.)