The Impact of Building Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

An OWIS teacher guiding a student through a UOI (Unit of Inquiry)

While your child is in school, they are doing more than just acquiring knowledge and developing new skills. They are also actively working on building relationships every day. They learn how to communicate with other people, connect with those who are different from them, and form lasting relationships that are meaningful and memorable. It is important that students have the opportunity to build friendships with their peers, but it’s also critical that your child has the chance to nurture positive teacher-student relationships during their time at school.

The Evolution from Teaching to Learning at Schools

OWIS teachers create a creative learning environment for students

Just a few short decades ago, the priority at any school was to instil knowledge in students. The focus was on fact memorisation and knowledge reiteration. Today, however, modern educators know that knowledge is only one component of the learning experience. Rather than spending their time in front of a blackboard with a piece of chalk in their hand, teachers employ creative techniques to connect with students on a personal level and provide them with a customised learning experience.

This is particularly true at Singapore international schools, where teachers strive to meet students where they are and help them grow physically, emotionally and academically. They are working with a multicultural student body, and they recognise that positive teacher-student relationships will help their young learners become the best version of themselves.

How a Values-Based Education Impacts Teacher-Student Relationships

At any school, the institution’s values and priorities will underpin the relationships that are formed between teachers and students. One World International School prides itself on providing all students with a values-based education, which is why many of our students thrive in our welcoming and nurturing environment.

Kindness is one of the most important values at OWIS, and our teachers are committed to taking a kind approach with every student. Teachers may need to be firm, but they are understanding and empathetic with our students. Kindness is always at the forefront of any interaction between a teacher and a student. Not only will this allow your child to feel comfortable with their teacher, but it will also show them that being kind can be an effective way to interact with people of all backgrounds.

Our teachers are encouraged to develop creative ways to personalise the learning experience for all students so that each student’s learning needs are met. When teachers build positive relationships with students on a daily basis, they are able to understand their student’s needs and customise lessons to meet specific student needs.

How a Teacher’s Work Environment Helps Them Build Relationships with Students

You will find that your child benefits when they attend a school where teachers want to work. A teacher’s work environment and the priorities at their school will significantly impact their ability to form lasting positive relationships with their students. At OWIS, for example, we prioritise international mindedness and diversity. Our teachers can interact with students of all backgrounds, and they are given time to learn more about each student as an individual. In turn, this allows them to provide every student with a differentiated learning experience that caters to their individual learning style.

What Does a Positive Teacher-Student Relationship Look Like?

OWIS teachers share a special rapport with their students

In the classroom setting, a positive teacher-student relationship is easily recognised. Students who connect with their teachers actively participate in class, they feel comfortable asking questions, and they feel confident enough to test their theories and ideas. A positive teacher-student relationship leads to long-term benefits, including social and emotional growth, academic development and pastoral relationships.

As a parent, it’s easy to become consumed with making sure that your child receives the high-quality academic education that they deserve. While it’s essential for your child to learn as much as possible during their formative years, their learning experience can only be effective if they are able to connect with dedicated teachers. The memory of a positive teacher relationship will remain with your child for many years to come.

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This blog was originally written in collaboration with Samurdhu Rupasinghe, former Grade 1 Teacher, OWIS Nanyang. 

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