OWIS Earns Multiple HoneyKids Awards, Recognised as Top School

For the second year in a row, One World International School has received three HoneyKids Awards. These awards are given to the best international schools in Singapore, recognising them for their commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.

OWIS received HoneyKids Awards in the following categories:

  • OWIS Nanyang received a Gold Award for the Most Affordable International School
  • OWIS Nanyang received a Silver Award for the Best Reggio Emilia-inspired School
  • OWIS Suntec received a Gold Award for the Best New School in 2022

We are incredibly proud to once again be recognised as one of the leading international schools in Singapore, and we use these awards as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to excellence across all learning levels.

Why OWIS Nanyang Is Considered the Most Affordable International School

Parents often assume that a high-quality education will result in expensive tuition fees. At OWIS, we are committed to ensuring that our moderate fee structure makes our educational opportunities available to all students, regardless of their background. As a result, we have long been considered one of the most affordable international schools in Singapore.

We are particularly proud to have received the Gold Award as the Most Affordable International School in Singapore. We believe we were chosen as the winner in this category because our parents and students recognise that our moderate fee structure does not mean that we have cut corners when it comes to providing an excellent educational experience. Our students have access to a well-rounded education through globally-recognised curricula – the IB PYP, Cambridge IGCSE and IB DP. Technology is leveraged to personalise learning in different areas and our team of passionate teachers ensure that not only do students achieve learning objectives but their well-being is taken into consideration as well.

Why OWIS Suntec Is Known as the Best New School in Singapore in 2022

The OWIS Suntec Campus recently celebrated its first anniversary, making it one of Singapore’s newest additions to the international school scene. The outstanding location of this engaging campus, our holistic approach to education and the warmth of the community have all contributed to making OWIS Suntec see tremendous growth within one year of operation, making it an easy choice for the best new school in Singapore in 2022.

Our school was chosen for this award because:

  • OWIS Suntec is centrally located in Singapore’s CBD. This means that our students are exposed to city life on a daily basis and are able to make real-world connections to their learning by visiting museums, parks and other attractions that are within walking distance.
  • This campus is known for its innovative amenities, which include discovery zones, an outdoor sky garden and indoor play areas. Young learners see the OWIS Suntec campus as a fun and inviting place to be, but the reality is that they are doing the hard work of learning as they explore the spaces that surround them.
  • Like all OWIS campuses, the OWIS Suntec campus is committed to its inquiry-led curriculum. Led by creative and engaging educators, the curriculum at OWIS Suntec is designed to provide students with a rigorous academic experience as well as a holistic education. All students develop the 21st-century skills they need to succeed in a multi-faceted global economy. As a result, the number of students enrolled at this campus has increased exponentially through its first year of operation.

Why OWIS Nanyang Is Considered a Leading Reggio Emilia-Inspired School

The Reggio Emilia approach is a student-centred educational technique that encourages educators to help young learners develop their personalities and explore their interests in the classroom. It requires preschool students to be in an immersive environment where they can enjoy a self-guided experience that includes plenty of hands-on learning opportunities.

We were chosen as one of the premier Reggio Emilia-inspired schools in Singapore because:

  • Our Early Childhood teachers are considered facilitators or co-learners at OWIS. Learning in our Early Childhood Programme takes into account a student’s interests. Teachers guide students in a particular direction and then take on the role of the observer as they arrive at their destination. In this way, even young children develop skills in self-led learning. They become more engaged in the subject matter and with their classmates.
  • The classroom environment is designed to encourage students to explore and experience the unit they are working on. Our open-concept classrooms allow students to engage in discussion and communicate easily. In addition, we prioritise other elements, such as natural light and play-based centres. Students also benefit from the outdoor learning spaces at OWIS Nanyang, which allow them to stretch their minds and bodies.
  • Students are provided with many exciting and interesting ways to express themselves. We value the unique personality traits of all of our students, and we want them to love who they are. Whether through poetry, song, drawing, sculpting or writing, all our students are encouraged to find ways to express who they are and who they want to become.

At OWIS Nanyang, administrators and teachers work together to incorporate the best of the Reggio Emilia approach into our classrooms on a daily basis. We, too, believe that students should engage in self-guided learning, as this inquiry-led approach is the best way for students to become curious, lifelong learners.

Commenting on the award wins, Mr Mark Renie, Head of School, OWIS, said, “We are delighted with this recognition at the HoneyKids Education Awards. Our win for OWIS Suntec demonstrates that our reimagining of learning spaces at that campus has resonated with parents. OWIS Suntec is seeing tremendous growth, and I am grateful to our team of educators and the school community for helping us to cross exciting milestones.

At OWIS Nanyang, even with the competitive market and the rising rate of inflation, we have stayed true to our mission of providing affordable international education to families in Singapore. We continue to invest in the school to improve the learning experience for students year on year.

The win in the Reggio Emilia school category reiterates our belief in student-centric learning that starts in our Early Childhood grades and how it is central to developing a lifelong love of learning in children.

My thanks goes out to our staff, school leaders, and community of students and parents for the outstanding learning experience we create together at OWIS.”

While we are taking this opportunity to celebrate our success as a school community, we also have our sights set on our future goals for growth and development. The school leaders and educators at OWIS are always looking for new and innovative ways to inspire our students to become lifelong learners.