OWIS Suntec students get a peek into different cultures

At One World International School, we pride ourselves on our diverse school community. Right from the youngest Early Childhood grades, we encourage students to explore different cultures and develop the important trait of international mindedness.

In their Unit of Inquiry, students in Grade 4 at OWIS Suntec researched various beliefs and religions and made a group presentation. They compared and contrasted not just beliefs, but also other components of culture in order to better appreciate the diverse world that we live in.

As part of their transdisciplinary learning, in their music lesson, Grade 4 started experiencing music in culture by learning an Australian Aboriginal dance song, “Sesereeye”.

In art, they learned the history and traditions of henna (mehndi) in Indian culture. They were then tasked to think of how to create their henna designs and draw on paper.

During their period of inquiry into this unit, the Mid-Autumn festival celebration also took place at OWIS Suntec, and students gained an understanding and appreciation of the different aspects of this festival. They created mooncakes out of paper as well as Chinese lanterns as part of the whole school celebration.

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