For Love of the Game | The sports field at OWIS

When schools lack adequate athletic facilities, students must either forgo regular physical education or travel to another site to access gymnasiums and sports fields. Travelling to sports facilities can detract from the students the valuable time that could be spent developing new skills, interacting with their peers and experiencing new sports. Furthermore, not getting the opportunity to participate in regular sport is something that is well known to be detrimental to childrens’ health and wellbeing.

Students who attend our Nanyang campus at One World International School can take full advantage of our comprehensive athletic facilities – including sports fields, basketball courts, running tracks and indoor halls – to hone their skills and extend what they’re learning beyond the classroom. Our students have ample opportunities to engage in individual and team sports through our physical education programme and extracurricular activities. We encourage our children to try many different types of sports and activities, in turn, teaching them to value teamwork.

Sports Facilities at OWIS

Our sports facilities allow students to engage in physical activity both indoors and out. Well-maintained grass fields make an ideal place for a rugby or soccer match. Our campus also boasts four basketball courts, a 300-meter running track and a variety of athletic equipment for partaking of nearly any sport you can think of. Our early childhood students practice their tumbling skills in our berms and sandpit.

Members of our school community use these outdoor spaces frequently, not just for classes, organised sports and extracurricular activities, but for picnics, fairs and special sports days. In case of inclement weather, we provide designated spaces for students to take their athletic pursuits indoors. Having the opportunity to be able to participate in sport, whatever the weather, is something that is extremely important to us. Our sports facilities are kept to the highest of standards and we are constantly considering ways to develop them so that they grow to mirror our childrens’ needs.

How Sports Benefit Your Child’s Development

At OWIS, we are committed to providing children with the well-rounded education they need, to thrive in all areas of life. We recognise that promoting physical development is a key component of a balanced education. By making the most of our athletic fields and programmes, students can maintain physical fitness, enjoy healthy competition and establish lifestyle habits that will serve them well as adults. Engaging in regular physical activity outdoors deepens students’ appreciation for the environment while fostering the competitive spirit and teamwork that are integral for future leadership.

The many benefits of sports participation for students are well-documented by research. It’s long been known that regular exercise optimises children’s physical health by building strength and endurance, and by preventing obesity. Experts have found that sports programmes promote social and emotional development, too. Athletic pursuits teach children about fair play, conflict resolution and the value of being part of a team. Children who participate in sports have better self-esteem than their less-active peers.

Athletics can even contribute to children’s character development, helping them to follow rules, take responsibility for their actions and set goals. As with many things in life, it is sometimes the case that we do not do as well as we would have wished, such as just missing out on the first place finish. However this again helps to strengthen our students’ characters, as we teach them to look at the positives and learn and develop from the experience. We do not let them feel defeated; we support them, discuss with one another and make proactive plans and decisions for our next sport’s fixture, or training and skills session.

Frequent physical activity can relieve stress

It is well known that exercise aids in the release of endorphins, the feel good hormones, and being active is a brilliant pick me up. It allows our children to spend time away from the possible pressure within their academic studies and let off steam. Mastering a sport often makes it easier for students to learn new skills and this is an important lesson that they will take with them throughout life.  Of course, it goes without saying that sports are an excellent way to just have fun. Students who don’t have access to sports facilities at school may have fewer opportunities to take part in athletic programmes, so they’re less likely to reap these benefits.


To know more about OWIS, contact our Admissions Counsellor today or book a school tour. Contact us to discover what sets us apart from other international schools, and how our athletic programmes supplement what students are learning in the classroom.  We always love to hear from our families and we are open to any suggestions that you would like to make in regards to our sports opportunities, curriculum and facilities.

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(This blog was originally written in collaboration with Ms Marisa Healy, former Physical Education Teacher, OWIS Nanyang.)