Introducing the Chinese-English Bilingual Programme at OWIS

At One World International School, we are excited to be launching a Chinese-English bilingual programme for our primary school students. This high-quality programme will emphasise the importance of a bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural education.

“Students who are enrolled in the bilingual programme at OWIS will benefit from a truly bilingual environment, in which they will receive instructions and supplemental resources in both English and Mandarin,” said Michelle Dickinson, Head of School. “We believe that this immersive experience is the best way for our youngest learners to begin speaking, thinking, reading and writing in two languages.”

Qualified bilingual educators will teach the Chinese-English bilingual programme at OWIS. Also, bilingual teaching assistants will work closely with the students in the classroom, allowing them to receive personalised instruction every step of the way.

These are a few noteworthy facts about the OWIS bilingual programme:

  • The programme is available to primary students in Grades 1 through to 5.
  • Classes are comprised of about 24 students. There is a bilingual instructor as well as a bilingual assistant, allowing for a 1:12 student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Students receive almost equal exposure to both English and Mandarin throughout their coursework.
  • The programme aligns with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, and students also receive weekly instruction in particular areas, including Art, Physical Education and Music.
  • The programme incorporates lessons about Chinese culture and literature, allowing students to enjoy an in-depth learning experience relative to their language skills.

“At OWIS, we are one of the few bilingual schools in Singapore that can offer a comprehensive bilingual education for a moderate fee,” says Michelle. “We believe that there are many benefits to bilingualism, and we would like students who want a bilingual education to have access to that experience.”

The bilingual programme at OWIS has a unique structure that sets it apart from other bilingual schools in Singapore. The hallmark of this programme is its educators, who are qualified bilingual teachers who fluently speak, read and write in both languages. Due to the personalised instruction that is offered by bilingual educators, students in this programme have the freedom to explore any concept or topic in both languages. Ultimately, they can develop a full understanding of every idea presented in both English and Mandarin.

Another aspect of the OWIS bilingual programme that makes it unique is that all classes are taught at the native level. By offering the lessons entirely in Mandarin and English, teachers can help students develop age-appropriate language skills in an immersive setting. Not only will they maintain the language skills that they already have in both English and Mandarin, but they also will continue developing a foundation that they can build upon for the rest of their lives.

Students who enrol in our Chinese-English bilingual programme will enjoy many benefits. Some of the benefits of bilingualism include:

  • Having increased opportunities for higher education and work experiences, as bilingualism is a skill that is much-desired in the global economy.
  • Being able to multi-task more efficiently.
  • Being able to be more empathetic and understanding. Most bilingual students have a natural global mindset and have developed an appreciation for other cultures and experiences.
  • Being able to listen more effectively.

“We are so excited to welcome our students to the bilingual programme at OWIS. This is just another way that OWIS supports our commitment to maintaining a diverse, multicultural environment for our entire community,” says Michelle.