Celebrating Be One with the World Day at OWIS Digital Campus

Across all our One World International School (OWIS) campuses in Singapore, International Day is a cherished tradition that unites students, parents and staff under the ethos of “One World, One Community.” This year, at OWIS Digital Campus, we kicked off this tradition with our “Be One With the World Day” event.

The whole campus was resplendent with vibrant colours and rich cultural diversity, with everyone in the OWIS Community dressed up in traditional attire or the national colours of their respective countries.

For the occasion, students showcased their diverse talents and traditions through vibrant cultural performances. From captivating traditional dances to melodious music, each performance showcased the rich culture of our school.

For many of us, the highlight of the event was our lively flag parade, showcasing the myriad of nationalities represented within our school. Beyond entertainment, International Day was also a learning opportunity for everyone involved. Students had the chance to explore different countries through engaging activities including Australian animals colouring, dragon boat paper folding, Japanese origami and more.

Our Primary students were invited to bring dishes from their home countries to share with classmates. Each dish, ranging from savoury delicacies to sweet treats, represented the diverse flavours and culinary customs of their homelands.

Charmaine Gan, an Early Childhood teacher who leads the organisation of “Be One With the World Day,” said, “Organising this event is like weaving a tapestry of cultures, where every thread contributes to the vibrant fabric of our global community.”‘

Our “Be One with the World Day” was not just a celebration of diversity but also a reminder of the strength found in cultural exchange and mutual respect. It was a day filled with laughter, learning and the warmth of shared experiences that will be cherished by our school community for years to come.

Discover the vibrant diversity of our school community and join our school tour happening Monday to Saturday at 11 am.

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